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Update on COVID-19 and Fireworks Shows - Good News!

As we all are aware, COVID-19 has pretty much put the brakes on all events and planning for the past few months. The fireworks industry has seen a large number of shows and fourth of July events cancelled, suppliers shutting down and this pace accelerated due to the uncertainty of how the virus was affecting those not only in the US but around the world. Many of us stayed homed, changed our work schedule to work remotely when that could be arranged and were cautious in planning anything outside our homes, events were cancelled and many displays wont be happening this year.

Light at the end of the tunnel - Permits are moving again

Now that states are starting to open back up, permits for displays are also being approved. Just this week we pushed through 5 permits for displays coming up in the upcoming months. We have had to change how we do our pyromusical events, but the good news is things are moving again, shows are being scheduled and we can recover from this shutdown and put smiles on peoples faces.

I would encourage those planning events or on the fence to delay and not cancel events. Many of the small pyrotechnics companies can't weather a shutdown of this magnitude. In our case we were fortunate to have already been planning for the disruption when we started seeing issues in our supply chain from China. When this is over, people are gonna want to get out and celebrate and what better way than with fireworks displays!

Thankfully permits are being approved and we are putting our people back to work!

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