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Some of the products on this page require a Federal Explosives License and/or a Statement of Intended use prior to ordering. If you have any questions contact us at 919-441-7353. 

Wetzel Binary System


The Wetzel Binary System allows binary explosives to be transported as non explosive materials (in limited quantities). The explosive system is available in multiple sizes for multiple uses and is useful in pyrotechnics, blasting, testing and other applications. The binary system is a safe method of transporting binary explosives. 

This product is useful for theatrical, fireworks and/or blasting type operations when binary materials are used. 

If ordering the binary system no FEL is required. If ordering loaded Binary System, you must provide a copy of your FEL as well as a statement of intended use. 

Priced at $12.95 Ea. or by the Case (12) 139.95

Information Sheet

$12.95 EA

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