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Fireworks Related Training


As part of our training programs we highly recommend the PGI Display Operators Course as well as other similar courses. If you are interested in training please reach out to me directly and I'll help you find a reputable instructor. You can also look at the NC OSFM website for a list of upcoming classes or sponsor a private class with us. While the PGI course is useful for learning how to shoot fireworks, we have put together a 2 day (16 hour) course that covers not only shooting of fireworks but also transportation, permitting, insurance and much more. 

The PGI Display Operators course is designed to meet the need for a general course on display operations and serves as the first stop in becoming a PGI Certified Display Operator. 

The course presents a comprehensive two days of instruction on current firework display practices which includes both classroom training and live fire field training*.

There are several courses avaialble to include the PGI DOC, APA Articles Pyrotechnics course as well as private classes covering topics such as DOT transportation, compliance and legal issues, storage and many other types of relevant courses to help display operators provide safe and legal displays. 

Bomb and EOD Related Training


Event planners and coordinators need to be aware of specific things to look out for including suspicious packages, unattended bags, vehicle barrier locations and other potential threats. We have put together courses to provide Bomb awareness and EOD course material at several different levels to first responders and EMS personnel. 

These courses involve the use of ultrasonic timing device detection, portable x-ray and similar technologies to triage a potential security situation. These courses include the use of robotic and drones for managing security sensitive events. 

Available Courses: 

  • Understanding Bombing Motivations PPSB-19-045 7 Hours

  • Bomb Threat Preparedness and Response PPSB-20-022 2 Hours

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness PPSB-20-023 4 Hours

Several of these courses are approved for CE credit through various organizations and professional CE credits. For more information contact Kevin Wetzel at 919-441-7353.  

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