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Season Update

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Well we are through the busy season (not really but that's what we like to tell ourselves). With the 4th of July week behind us, now the real work begins. There's an old saying that sucess lives where opportunity and preparation meet, and that's what we are doing, preparing for the future!

A couple takeaways from the 4th of July week.

  • It was hot! - Very hot! The number one risk in doing fireworks shows is heat injury and it's important to keep your crews hydrated and cool during the setup, event and load out. Did we mention it was hot?!

  • Water cakes were a hit - With more and more waterfront shows happening, the crowd has let us know that water cakes were a hit for sure. That and volley's of shells in the middle of the shows.

While others are relaxing we are hard at work preparing for next year. There is always plenty of work to be done.


We are currently hiring multiple positions. If you love fireworks and are hard working and dependable, we want to talk to you.

  • CDL Drivers with Hazmat Endorsement - We are hiring seasonal and permanant drivers

  • Shooters and Show Leads - We are always looking for show leads and shooters to join our teams

Just wanted to give a quick update. Classes are scheduled for 12 Aug 2023 and more information is below.

12 Aug 2023 - Hyde County Sheriffs Department - $125 cost to register

Learn to shoot professional fireworks, learn the rules of NFPA1123 and get hands on and practical experience so you can prepare to test with OSFM. Class starts at 8AM and runs until 5PM with a 1 hour break for lunch. Bring long sleeve cotton clothing, eye, ear and head protection (PPE). If you don't have it we will have extra gear on site. Come learn and see if fireworks is right for you.

Email wetzelpyro(@)icloud(.)com for more information or call 919-441-7353 to register. Remove the parenthesis from the email address to register by email.

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