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Pictures & video from our instagram feed

Rose Hill Farms

Moyock NC- 6 July 2019


Fayetteville NC

MAFF 2019 - National ANTHEM

Madison, NC - Corporate event 2019


HAYDEN's Dorman Show (From the field)

This vantage point was from the field near the finale racks. This was a trying show during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the restrictions our team had to maintain 6 feet while setting up the show and throughout the display. The crowd mostly stayed in their vehicles but the show went extremely well. 

Video capture from Facebook™. 

Powhatan June 2020

Powhatan JULY 2020

For more videos and photographs you may want to follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds. We frequently post videos of events and club meetups on my feed. The video's here were taken while working as crew or on shows that I have fired.

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