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Simulated Munitions for Training

Simulated munitions contain no actual bullets or projectiles and are used for realistic training to ensure troops and law enforcement are prepared for real world situations. In order to provide realistic training, small amounts of pyrotechnic compositions are used to simulate the effect of actual, real-world scenarios. 

The goal of providing realistic training is to properly prepare and ensure that our law enforcement and military can train to a higher standard in fast moving environments that are controlled and safe without exposing them to real world hazards. The benefits of realistic training ensure that when real situations occur, scenario based training allows officers and soldiers to make important split second decisions in which they have successfully trained and gained proficiency. 

Simulated IED and Explosions


Simulated IED and Explosions provide a realistic (and relatively safe) simulated attack in which troops or law enforcement can respond. These effects are not dangerous and are useful in showing the techniques, tactics and methods used by terrorist, bombers and other nefarious threat actors. 

Utilizing sound and simulated aerial explosions without exposing troops or law enforcement to actual threats is a valuable training tool. Hazmat simulations can also be performed in the same manner. 

Simulated RPG Hit EFFECTS

Simulated RPG effects simulate the hit created by an RPG and give a real world and realistic incoming munition simulation. 

When propertly configured, these effects replicate an attack on a moving vehicle, personnel or other element. These attacks simulations allow realistic training without subjecting participants in the exercise to actual danger but allow teams to practice response and remediation efforts when they would come under attack. 


Suspicious Packages

This training allow EOD personnel the opportunity to inspect and test in real world environments utilizing automated mechanisms to simulate actual suspicious and/or unknown packages. Utilizing many different methods to grade and evaluate the response of the bomb squad and to train with realistic simulations in which team members can determine if their tactics and techniques are effective. 

We are currently working with several organizations to provide realistic simulations and training support. For information please call Kevin Wetzel at (919) 441-7353 or contact Jigsaw Security at 800-447-2150 Ext. 1 for additional information, scheduling, classes and availability. 

Note: Simulated Munitions work is done for Government clients only and is exempt from most State and Federal regulations for storage, transportation and liability requirements. As such, all munitions work is also exempted from the insurance requirements of our display business and is NOT covered by our insurance carrier on our display insurance nor is its required to be insured by our Government customer. Per event insurance will be purchased to comply with the requirements of Federal contracting and munitions work will be provided by Jigsaw Security Enterprise Incorporated and not Wetzel Pyrotechnics. 


Kevin Wetzel is a member of A.S.E.P.O and is available for special effects support as well as pyrotechnics consultation. 

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