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Hobbyist and joining Clubs

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

In this post I talk about some of the clubs that I have visited as well as being a pyrotechnics hobbyist. Let's by honest, using pyrotechnics is fun and even though some people get paid to do it, there are many hobbyist that enjoy the art as well.

Carolina Pyro's Club Events Photo
One of the Carolina Pyro's Club Events

Over the past year I have joined several fireworks clubs and have found that this is a great way to network. While gaining more and more experience I have traveled all over the east coast, have shot with individuals, professional display companies and with clubs. Every little bit of this experience makes us safer and helps us to network with like minded individuals.

Upon researching clubs I really have found 3 that I really enjoyed (although I have only been to 2 of them. So regardless of your skill level, experience or age, joining a fireworks enthusiast club is highly recommended. Just ensure your doing things legally and safely.

My recommended clubs include:

In addition I highly recommend joining the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI)

Clubs provide a place to learn, share knowledge and to enjoy the legal use of pyrotechnics in a licensed and controlled environment.

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