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Don't Wait... 2020 is gonna be a tough year - For fireworks!

If your thinking about waiting to book your 2020 4th of July fireworks display, we have a recommendation for you. Don't Wait! This past year it was evident that many towns and communities were moving their displays to the week before and the week after due to a shortage of availability of display companies. 2020 is gonna be even worse as evidenced by the declining number of certified shooters in North Carolina.

Last year there were over 370 shooters available (according to the OSFM website) and now in August when I checked there are currently only 272 1.3 license holders registered. I fully expect this number to fluctuate between now and next year and I would be willing to be that the number licensed shooters is gonna decline, in part because North Carolina does not have much in the way of formalized training. The only way to really get the required number of shoots completed is to work for a display company and many display companies are not renewing as evidenced by the declining number of license holders.

I know that in June of 2019 we had at least 40 calls from various towns and even planners trying to find shooters at the last minute. If you haven't found somebody by December or January, your probably gonna be out of luck.

So again don't wait. I hope that all the pyrotechnics addicts have fun at PGI this week. I couldn't go because I have other work that I have to attend to this week but you can bet that i'll be there next year for sure.

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