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Designing in the downtime - 3D Printing

As many of you know things have been slow lately with the pandemic shutting down businesses and observing Governors mandates, many things have ground to a halt. One of the great things about being at home is we don't have to commute daily, so this leaves more time for doing other things. In between hanging out with the family, work and required sleep I have been working hard on new designs. In fact my 3D printer has not stopped much during this whole pandemic.

90 percent of my designs during the shutdown are for pyrotechnics related needs that will be in full swing once the stay at home restrictions are removed. From 30mm, 40mm and 50mm straight and angled holders, the designs keep coming. Not only do the designs keep coming, but testing and finishing methods are also improving. From silicone treatments (to make things less prone to burning or melting) to the methods in which single shots can be fired from various configurations.

In short we are busy, quite busy in fact. We are hoping things open back up soon but know that we are constantly innovating and creating new methodologies and new designs for when things are opened. We look forward to lighting up the skies this summer and hope your all embracing your creative sides while you wait on restrictions to be lifted. Most of all stay safe and we will see you all soon.

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