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Busy Rack Building

While I wait on my ATF license application to be completed I have been keeping busy. It's been well over 90 day's since my application but with the shutdown I'm sure the ATF has a backlog and I appreciate the fact that they were able to get to my application at all with the difficult working conditions they had to deal with. While I'm waiting I decided to work on my consumer racks. I had picked up a large number of HDPE and fiberglass mortar tubes and they were sitting for the last few months.

Consumer Racks
Consumer Racks

While waiting for everything I decided to get busy building my racks to keep myself busy. Thanks to Jim Priebe's design I had a proven and trusted design to get this done quickly and efficiently. Over the course of 3 weeks I was able to build 21 - 10 shot racks. Now that I'm out of HDPE in this size I am now gonna start working on racking the fiberglass that I have as well. Look for that post in the next week or so as I'm working to figure out how I want to design these racks. I think I'm gonna do fanned rack layouts with the fiberglass.

Now that I got these consumer racks built I have 272 HDPE mortars in 1.75" size. I'm starting with the smallest mortars and will be working my way up to 6" (maybe a few 8" as well we shall see).

Building racks has been a stress reliever that allowed me to get busy in the workshop and I have another large selection of mortar tubes to get into racks so I'll be busy over the next several weeks.

See you next time!

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