Challenges and Changes - Import Issues & More

I wanted to let people know that there have been many challenges in the importation of fireworks, shipping issues, lost containers at sea and many other things changing. In short the last year has been very hard for those in the fireworks business.

Shipping Issues

Several shipping mishaps have caused the price of shipping to skyrocket this past year. In addition to lost containers, several other accidents, ports being shuttered in China due to Covid and rising cost all have put a damper on importers this year. In short, you can still get product but it's gonna cost a lot more for importers.

Retailers - An Awesome Year

For fireworks retailers, the past year was probably their best year in history but the shipping issues will put the brakes on a repeat of last year. In fact many retailers are out of stock with only limited supplied coming into the country when/if they do arrive. Many retailers won't be able to have a repeat of last year whereas consumers purchased fireworks to put on displays in their backyards in states where consumer fireworks are legal. In short the supply and demand will raise prices higher than what most people will be willing to pay this year so don't expect the retail market to be as active as it was last year.

Waiting until the last minute

I've said it before, don't wait until the last minute to try and book your holiday displays. Display companies are also having issues getting product with the reduced amount of products being shipped. Prices also must go up because it cost more to replace the product that we use for displays so expect either smaller shows or to pay more for larger shows. Many in the industry are seeing at least a 25% increase in product cost and that will be passed on to consumers.

The Wrap Up

Just know that those in the fireworks industry are adapting as best as we can to keep putting on displays but the current increase in cost and shipping/supply issues are making it tough to put on shows at the same cost as in years past. We have gotten used to being able to get decent pricing when importers receive product at decent pricing but those days may be behind us. So we can still do shows but expect that the cost will increase and you must book early to make sure we have your materials when you book the show. Until next time we hope you have a great day, stay safe and we thank you for your continued support.

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